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GADGET is a project that introduces everyday garments as a placeholder. It explores the possibility of transforming ordinary clothing into a characteristic tool. GADGET allows a reinterpretation of wearing with the minimum of skills required in its usage and operation. Each GADGET project evolves from an individual story of curiosity — entirely new production, reformed commodities, and derivatives of other occasions — yet connects in their usage contexts. GADGET announces two projects per year, which are all limited edition. It is independent of any existing retail infrastructure and purchasable only with online orders. Within this process, GADGET emphasizes the personality of design and function with the manner of sustainability. GADGET is a collaboration project with Na Kim and Post December.


GADGET PROJECT @tagged.gadget 

김영나 Na Kim @nananananananakim & 포스트디셈버 Post December @postdecember 

[모델 이미지] 기획, 모델, 사진: 강경희 @hipsgang 촬영: 정다혜 @jongdare 

[어린이 모델 이미지] 모델: 유에바 @fhkdus  [제품 이미지] 촬영: 최윤정 

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